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Between 66% to 90% of women in the sex industry were sexually abused as children

About Esteem

In spring of 2009, a growing heart for women in the sex industry was formed in the people of Life Center in Tacoma, Washington. Believing the church was called to engage women from all walks of life we began serving women in local strip clubs with gifts and the simple message that they are loved. We didn’t have any expectations of the night except to love the women with our simple words, smiles, and gifts. That heart hasn’t stopped as we have served month after month since May 2009.


As time progressed our vision began to expand to serve women involved in prostitution. We developed a partnership with the local police department and county jail. Women arrested for prostitution were and currently are given an opportunity to contact our ministry for follow up. Through these connections and other connections in the community, Esteem was available to aid women in restoration by providing relationships with mentors, trained to assist their mentee to pursue engagement in a local church, education, recovery programs, counseling, and whatever other avenues necessary for personal growth.


Our jail team began with four women and over thirty inmates within Pierce County Jail in February of 2010. It was there we were able to sit face to face and share the possibility of life change if they wanted it. Relationships formed and we continue to serve women week after week with a message of hope, grace, and love found in Jesus.


Vision continued to increase as we sensed an unreached group of women and girls on the streets, in hotels, trucks stops, and various other hot spots that prostitution was known to take place. In April of 2013 we began providing meals, hygiene items, and immediate support and services for women working on the streets.


We are passionate about women and girls in the sex industry and will continue to serve them week to week.

Every girl has a DREAM, and every DREAM needs HOPE!

Strip Club Team

Once a month on a Friday night from 6 PM to 2 AM we visit strip clubs in the Puget Sound area. We deliver gifts and cupcakes to simply let the women know they are loved. After visiting local strip clubs and building relationships with dancers, bouncers, managers, and DJ’s we are available for individual follow up. We offer support in any way possible to women as each woman’s journey is different. Interview and training is required to join this monthly team.

Bikini Barista Team

The Pacific Northwest is leading the bikini barista phenomena that’s sweeping across the nation. Women working in these stands are at extremely high risk for sex trafficking. 1-2 times a month we visit women working in bikini barista stands all over the community with gifts and offer an avenue of support if she decides to reach out. Interview and training is required to join this team.

Jail Team

Every Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday we visit women in the Pierce County Jail to offer a way to learn who Jesus is through Bible study classes. All throughout the week women are meeting with inmates for one on one mentoring visits. If wanted, we offer additional mentoring as they transition out of jail. Interview and training is required to join this weekly team.


Mentors are available to assist women in their road to recovery through relationships, resources and referrals. Referrals are made by mentors and available counselors for various resources or programs such as rehabilitation, counseling and recovery groups. Interview and training is required to become a mentor.

Pen Pals

Pen pals offer encouragement and relationship to women in the Pierce County Jail and Washington Correction Center for Women. This communication offers hope to a woman in what could be some of her darkest times.

Men of Esteem

Men of Esteem are a part of the solution. These men help in a variety of ways including preparing gifts for outreach, loading necessary supplies for outreach, driving and navigating. They also play an important role in praying over and protecting the women on our strip club outreach. Interview and training is required to be a part of this team.

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89% of women in the sex industry said they wanted to escape, but had no other means for survival.


Wherever you may be in your journey we desire to serve women however they feel they need aid. Below are some resources that we can help you with:


  • Counseling
  • Financial Counseling
  • Sexual Abuse Recovery
  • Substance Abuse Recovery
  • Domestic Violence Recovery
  • Chemical Dependency Recovery
  • Abortion or Loss Recovery
  • HIV/STD Testing
  • Church Partner
  • Resume Writing
  • Job Training
  • Tutoring

Need Resources?

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Text: “ESTEEM” to 77977
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When you send “ESTEEM” to 77977 you will receive a one-time reply containing a link to give to Esteem (1msg/request). Please be aware that Msg & Data rates may apply. For full Terms & Conditions please visit For the Privacy Policy please visit For help reply HELP or STOP to cancel.

Please send all other donations to: Esteem Ministries, 1717 South Union Street, Tacoma, WA 98405

We are here to encourage you on your journey no matter where you are at in life!

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